We are the Czech recruitment company.

Our essence is to be evolving flexible by following the labor markets trends.

But there are also important things wchich can not be changed as our desire to be su ccesful and meaningful in the way of sincerity and oppeness tightly bound of work.

We connect the candidates with the companies and the companies with the candidates.

We advice, inform and communicate while following closely the  opportunuties and  motivation of the  candidates and companies.


Opella means in latin the work and job and we live by work since 2010.

Zbyněk Ondra

Recruiter & Headhunter &Consultant & Owner

Since 2004 in the field of human resources.
Moto of our company we live by work" is  not only the  motto, but also my personal philosophy.

Enthuisiasm, faith in success connected with knowledges. I live by my work.

The hundreds of appointed positions, AC realisition and the HR projects.

I beleive we can realize many others together.




Lucie Málková

Recuiter & Headhunter & Couch

The real specialist, career advisor and project manager. This is how to clients are used to evaluate us.


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