We are the Czech recruitment company.

Our skills and expertise cover a ride range of HR activities and initiatives.

The programmes we design are developed to meet specific organisational needs.

We are focusing and are commited to helping companies to increase their productivity through better use of their human resources by following labour market trends.

We are specialists in connecting the right candidates with companies to ensure positive results.

We help business grow their internal teams, their revenue and brand in the talent market and reach company goals.

Our success is measured by the hundreds of appointed positions , people assessments and the HR projects.

We are looking forward to work together.

Zbyněk Ondra

Recruiter & Headhunter &Consultant & Owner

Over 17 years' experience  in the field of human resources.
Moto of our company „we live by work" is  not only the  motto, but also my personal philosophy.

The hundreds of appointed positions, AC realisition and the HR projects.

I beleive we can realize many more together.




Lucie Málková

Recuiter & Headhunter & Couch

The real specialist, career advisor and project manager. This is how to clients are used to evaluate us.


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